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Budget 2024
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Budget 2024 outlines the Government’s plans to address the inflationary pressures faced by businesses, families and individuals as a result of geopolitical tensions and a weak global economy.  This document provides an overview of the tax changes and support measures proposed in Singapore Budget 2024.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been featured in many science fiction novels and movies. However, with the increase in computer processing power, ever-growing connectivity and access to more data than ever before, the gap between fact and fiction is narrowing.

What do you measure today? What could you measure tomorrow? There are more than 30 possibilities for your performance map.

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【 企航新加坡 】 倾情呈现 《 东南亚新机遇 》特辑 细数在这个广阔且年轻的市场中蓬勃发展的科技巨头的足迹 这里的数码经济 、超级 APP 、 零售和电商经济将在接下来的阅读中一览无余 。

【 新加坡 +1 】 战略
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【 新加坡 +1 】 战略